What is the role of a Scrum Master in the Scrum team?

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    A Scrum Master is an important player in the Scrum team. But why? And what is the difference with an IT Accelerator? Joey Houtenbos explains his role as Scrum Master at SevenLab.

    Joey, what does a Scrum Master do?

    "As a Scrum Master at SevenLab, I am responsible for organising Scrum meetings, such as the review meeting, the retrospective and of course the planning of each Sprint. I make sure that the tasks are clearly defined and that the team understands all user stories. During the retrospective, you look at the Sprint, how did the team do? How did the Product Owner do and how can we improve ourselves, so we can do even better in the next Sprint. During the review meeting, the team shows what they have made. They present it to the Product Owner who gives them feedback to work with.

    Scrum Master Joey at work

    Why do you need a Scrum Master in your team?

    "It's useful to have a Scrum Master in your team, because you need someone who can talk to both the development team and the Product Owner. And that way you can make the project run as smoothly as possible."

    What is the difference with an IT Accelerator?

    "The IT Accelerator is more business-oriented. He actually supports the Product Owner. I as a Scrum Master am a bit more independent and switch between the team and the Product Owner."