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This is how we make customer-centered software

An unique working method where everything comes together

Our process is specially designed to develop high-quality, customer-oriented software. We do this in three goal-oriented steps in which all disciplines work together, under the guidance of our IT Accelerator. Find out here how we efficiently and effectively create the software for your organisation and customer.

Our process

01. Configure

We start by putting together the desired modules configure phase. Thus, in no time we have 80% of the tool already functionally ready. In this phase, our developers lay the foundations of the software and seamlessly link all modules together. In this phase, our designers work out the user flow and incorporate the desired house style.

  • Audit with experienced IT Business Consultants
  • Ready-to-use modules
  • Personalisation with Design
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02. Customise

In the customise phase, it is time for customisation. Working with our client, the design team will research, design and test the specific nature of the application with all stakeholders involved. The development team will then develop the customisation. This means custom functionalities and unique links. With the additional customisation, we realise maximum added value.

  • Customer-focused UX/UI Design
  • Custom software development
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03. Accelerate

The launch of the software brings innovation into high gear. Our end products are structured in such a way that improving and extending the software is increasingly easy. We set up a secure and scalable IT architecture and provide ongoing support for modifications and incidents.

  • DevOps for hosting and maintenance
  • Standby Support
  • Solid security services
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We can achieve this

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