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Software solutions? Software has become indispensable in any industry. To demonstrate that, we give you some examples of different applications of software. You can read this entire article in about 5 minutes.

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    Software and logistics are now inextricably linked. In the logistics world, efficiency is the key to success. Smart software ensures, for example, that ships can be loaded efficiently and that weight is properly distributed around the vessel. An incorrectly loaded one can have very serious consequences, the MSC Zoe early this year, when it lost more than 300 containers.

    For Nippon Express, we developed a Track & Trace system for more than 60,000 users. This progressive web app brings air, land and sea freight together in one platform. With the app, we ultimately achieved the following goals:

    • We brought together different divisions of Nippon Express
    • We have ensured a modern and uniform appearance
    • Greater customer insight

    Inspection, control & construction

    In the world of inspectors, too, a lot of time has been saved by using smart software. Such as at Nebest Adviesgroep, for which we built an app that allows inspectors to deliver reports twice as fast. In addition, we now work with a clear and unambiguous format, which has increased professionalism. The link with the office is also better, as all inspection results can be viewed directly by all involved.

    In construction, entire processes are made more transparent through the use of software. VKG Keurmerk had us develop an app that integrates the entire chain in the field of plastic window frames and allows all those involved to work together better. The manufacturer creates a project, after which the fitter delivers the window frame and the customer receives a certificate with extended warranty. This app and way of working will make the VKG Hallmark more visible and allow customers to be better tied to the brand.


    Education is an industry that involves a lot of administration. Colleges have tens of thousands of students, for whom all data have to be kept up to date. Creating matching timetables and subject packages is therefore a time-consuming affair. With our software, we made that for the Nova College a little easier. 13,000 Nova College students can compile their own subject packages via the web application we built. This has drastically reduced the administrative burden. The web application also ensures that the selection process has become easier, while more background information can be provided about the subjects to be chosen.

    Industry & other sectors

    Farm21 develops professional agricultural sensors that enable farmers to maximise returns from their farmland. The software in the sensors directly analyses data from the soil of the farmland, allowing any adjustments in nutrition for the crop to be predicted and applied.

    Farm21 is a new company and so has been able to use smart software from its inception, eliminating the need for a difficult transition. Another company that has used smart software from its inception, for example, is Uber. So well in fact, that within a short time the company has secured a market share of 76% in the US. Its smart software solutions pair available drivers with customers who want to be transported. Where previously a middleman was still needed for this operation, that is now completely taken over by software.

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