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    Since this week, SevenLab has gained another colleague. Hobie Windt will start working fulltime as IT Accelerator. He also deals with new business and the optimisation of the associated process. An introduction.

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    Who is Hobie Windt?

    H: I grew up in Nederhorst den Berg, but went to secondary school in Hilversum. I am now 24 years old and live in the Rivierenbuurt in Amsterdam. Through my studies, I specialised in branding, advertising and communication processes.

    Hobie Windt

    How did you end up at SevenLab?

    H: I found this job at SevenLab through a sponsored ad that SevenLab had out on Instagram. Nice 2019, haha!

    What appealed to you at SevenLab?

    H: I felt like working in a team for a while after doing everything myself for a while. Recently, I have been working mainly on my own IT company, Aywit. I want to learn a lot, I want to work with bigger clients. I'm curious about the processes at a company like SevenLab and how we can bring in new clients. I am also curious about how we can focus on the customers' goals as much as possible to really help them.

    What exactly will you be doing at SevenLab?

    H: I will mainly deal with new business in the form of leads. I will also expand our partnerships and create new ones. I am going to create the personas that represent our target group and I will add to the current ones. By really putting the customer needs and drivers at the centre of our process, both the product and the process with each customer will improve.

    Coffee counter ☕️:

    H: I currently drink about six to eight cups of coffee a day. Long days huh, then you have no choice! But just great to be busy at a fast pace.

    We are very happy to have Hobie on our team and look forward to working with him to streamline our processes. Would you like to speak to Hobie personally? Then contact us via chat, phone or enamel.