How your digital solution can drive growth as Software as a Service (SaaS)

Tailor-made software is expensive, but often very rewarding. Many digital solutions save time and money and provide a competitive edge. It may make it even more interesting if the software itself becomes a new source of income. This can be done by sharing the solution with competitors as a Service as a Service (SaaS). It sounds contradictory, but there are more advantages than you think!

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    What is SaaS

    SaaS, or Software as a Service, is another term for renting out software. A lot of software is designed to solve common problems as effectively as possible. So chances are also very high that your competitors are running into the same problems and they are very interested in the positive results. By making your solution available, you ensure that the software pays for itself and even becomes a profitable source of income. Yet it seems contradictory to simply give your precious innovation to the competition. After all, you are giving up all the software's edge in one fell swoop. Yet that edge is dwarfed by the unique position in the market you get with a successful SaaS.

    Advantages SaaS

    • Revenue: First of all, one of the big advantages is that the software pays for itself immediately.
    • Industry leadership: When competitors use the software you control, you get to lead the industry.
    • Disruption in the market: As the use of your tool grows and your influence increases, it is possible to single-handedly determine the direction of the industry.
    • Sustainable strategy: Because the market depends on your tool, it increases your chances of survival in the market.


    A good example of a successful SaaS tool is Onepush. Three engineers repeatedly ran into a number of problems. With their vast practical experience, they came up with a way to make the construction process for ships from the drawing board to the water much more efficient. Together with SevenLab, they developed this into a digital tool to make all production information available to everyone at the touch of a button. Instead of only using this tool themselves for their own construction projects, they made the app available to everyone and offered it as a SaaS tool. And with success! Meanwhile, 25 other companies have already successfully completed some 210 projects.