How to start a big software project (1/2)

To shed some light on the process of software development, we make a series of videos in which various people who go through or have gone through this process themselves get to speak. This time, we talk to Frank Brouwer and Menno Knol, Product Owners at Nova College and Edualdo respectively. How do you start a big software project? This is part 1 of 2 videos.

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    A big software project, where do you start Frank?

    "Ultimately, you start a big software project by preparing properly for the question what do you want? What do you want to achieve, what do you want to do? And what should the application you have in mind be able to do?'

    Menno chose custom-made software because he wanted to put the user's interests first. "I think it was quite a big choice to choose between custom-made software and existing software. Especially because we work with a community. There is already a lot of community software available. Big players like Facebook already do a lot in communities, but there is always another interest behind it. We wanted to put the interest of the sector we made it for first."

    Software project meeting

    Frank from Nova College, had very specific requirements for his software and knew there was nothing available on the market. "As an MBO institution, we know that other schools also have the same demand. So we thought: we'll have one custom-made. And then we hope others will join in."

    "I use Forms to inform my stakeholders about issues I have. But I also use newsletters on our site. The most important people I sometimes send an e-mail. In some consultation groups, I ask if I can be on the agenda to give a brief update on developments," says Frank.

    Part 2 of the interview? You can find the video and summary here.