How do you recognise a good application developer?

The range of application developers in the Netherlands is quite large. Therefore, making the right choice for developing an app is not easy. However, there are some points you can look out for. We explain some of them.

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    User experience

    In the end, it's all about the user experience. The app has to look good, but most of all it has to function well. A poorly built app, for instance, will respond slowly, because it needs to load a lot of information unnecessarily. Should there be something wrong with the app, you obviously want the shortcoming to be fixed quickly. An application developer who is easily accessible will save you a lot of stress. When developing an application, you want to maintain intensive contact with the developer. A centrally located office is, of course, a big advantage.

    Growth opportunities

    Of course, when your business starts to grow and the application starts attracting a lot of users, it would be very annoying if the hosting party cannot handle this increased load. So make sure you engage a reliable party, with enough experience in building apps for large user numbers.

    Safety first

    Security before everything, so too in application development. Privacy is a hot topic and the rules have been tightened again recently, especially in the area of personal data protection. The collection of personal data must have a demonstrable purpose, which is necessary for the use of the app. So think carefully about this before having an application developed. Make sure the party developing your app does comply with the AVG/GDPR requirements in terms of data processing. This way, you will avoid data leaks and lawsuits in the future.

    application developer

    Also, check your potential developer especially on previous projects. If they have experience with large parties and complicated applications, you are probably in the right place. But do not abandon your gut feeling. Visit the office and make sure there is a personal click. You will be working with this application developer for a long time, so good communication is key.

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