How Mixed Reality will shape our future

There are three currents in the technology of simulated reality. The best known of these are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The lesser-known brother of these two is Mixed Reality. Yet this is seen as the technology of the future. This technology cleverly uses elements of both counterparts, making it perfect for incorporating into our daily lives. Read here how Mixed Reality will shape our future.

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    MR, AR VR?!

    Because all these realities It is useful to have the differences clearly understood:

    • Virtual Reality
      Virtual Reality (VR) is the technology that creates a completely new reality. By putting on a VR headset, you step out of the real world and into a completely simulated one. Most VR headsets are made to see and hear, but with special sensors it is already possible to move around in a simulation. There are even devices in development that stimulate the sense of smell and taste virtually.
    • Augmented Reality
      Augmented Reality makes it possible to project virtual elements onto reality. A virtual layer is added to what you see of the physical world. This layer can consist of music, videos or photos and 3D graphics. Think, for example, of the filters on Instagram that put dog ears on your head or make a rainbow come out of your mouth.
    • Mixed Reality
      Mixed Reality is the smart variant that uses elements of VR and AR. In Mixed Reality, a scan is made of the environment and a virtual layer is added. This is just like AR, but with MR this virtual layer reacts to the surroundings. In this way, the virtual world becomes part of reality, as it were.


    It is hard to imagine how MR will change our daily lives, because the hardware, such as the HoloLensis not yet affordable for the general public. If it were up to large parties such as Microsoft or Facebook, this would soon change. The possibilities of Mixed Reality are endless. Here are some examples of applications of MR:

    • Communication
      Since the first Star Wars film, the idea of communicating with a hologram has been a future dream for many people. There have already been many experiments to realise this with complex light projections. In 2014, for example, a hologram of the deceased rapper Tupac on during Coachella. Nowadays, 3D hologram displays with this technology are available, but the real implementation of these holograms remains to be seen. The arrival of Mixed Reality changes all that. You don't need light installations to project a person into the room through MR glasses.
    • Education
      People learn fastest when they experience things. With Mixed Reality, all subjects can be shown directly in the classroom. Learning about dinosaurs? Take a step into prehistory and project a life-size velociraptor in the classroom. How does a car engine work? Disassemble a 3D model right in front of the student. The possibilities are endless and the application of Mixed Reality will make education much more effective and fun.
    • Build
      Especially in the technical sector, Mixed Reality will have many advantages. Designers, architects and engineers can work on 3D models with several people, without having to meet. With these 3D models, it will no longer be necessary to work with construction drawings on the building site.
    • Science
      Scientists no longer have to travel to distant places for research with MR either. They can project entire landscapes into their own space. For example, NASA developed, in cooperation with Microsoft the OnSight programme. With this programme, it is possible for scientists to virtually walk on Mars!
    • Entertainment
      Mixed Reality has numerous applications for entertainment. How about virtual laser gaming in your own home or 3D Tetris in front of you on the train? MR can also be a nice addition to the way we experience sports. Who knows, maybe you will soon be able to stand in the middle of the field with your favourite football team at a match, or inspect the course of the upcoming golf match. The PGA Tour is already experimenting with the application of the HoloLens.

    Keep up to date

    These examples show that MR will play a major role in how we work, learn and live. It is important for companies to keep abreast of developments, because there are many opportunities if important technical developments are anticipated in time.

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