Getting software made: here's why

Obviously, every business needs software, from start-up to corporate. In a century when efficiency and speed are essential to achieving business goals, custom-made software is becoming indispensable.

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    Does my company even need custom software?

    Perhaps you are asking yourself this question. Why can't you just use existing software? The answer is: scalability and flexibility. There is a huge amount of software available. Think about software for internal communication such as Slack, or software for managing projects and teams such as Notion. Yes, the purchase cost of using it is lower than developing custom software, but having custom software created is an investment that pays for itself. As you streamline processes, your business can continue to grow and you will have a competitive advantage over competitors. Custom software grows with your business, whereas with existing software, costs will quickly increase as more users join.


    One of the areas where having software customised comes into its own is when it comes to providing structure. With a growing number of social media channels, it can be difficult to keep track. Where exactly is your target audience located? With custom software, for example, you can use all social media channels side by side and distribute content directly via all channels simultaneously. This saves a lot of time.

    Does your company still work a lot with Excel sheets? If so, it probably takes up a lot of your time. Excel is a time-consuming programme that is not very well-organised. Bespoke software offers more efficient and well-organised alternatives. For for example, we built a completely new platform, which other developers can build on and where new functionality is possible. had old-fashioned scanners that were no longer supported by the supplier. With the platform we built, products can be scanned out, keeping stock up to date. offers subscriptions where customers can buy or rent art. Existing software did not meet the company's specific requirements, so they decided to have software created. bus

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