Get control of the firmware of your machines

Companies with large-scale production depend on many machines. These machines often run on software provided by the manufacturer. This can often be limiting for specific processes. The processes must then be adapted to the software instead of the other way around. By cleverly extending the firmware, you regain control of your production process. We have done this for the printing machines of agricultural company Green Specialties, for example.

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    Old software

    Green Specialties is an agricultural company specialising in leafy vegetables. These leafy vegetables are packed and labelled with care. These labels are important. To guarantee the freshness of the leafy vegetables, it is important that these labels are provided with an expiry date. It is also important that the labels can be adjusted for different orders and customers. When the new printers were purchased, it turned out that the old software was not fully compatible. In addition, the old software had the necessary limitations. The increase in production created the need for the new printers. High time, therefore, for Green Specialties to take the software in-house. A nice challenge for our developers.


    For this challenge, our Lead Developer Niels started working on a new web application. In this web application it is possible to generate your own labels based on templates made by Green Specialties. By means of a convenient tree structure, the right label is selected with a few choices. This is converted into an .lbl file. This is the specific format that the printers can read. With a push of a button, this label is on the server on site. This server is connected to the packaging machine. In this way, all packages receive the correct labels. 


    The adaptations to the software provide green specialties with a host of benefits. First of all, they get full control over the output by generating and exporting labels themselves in the code language of the printers. In addition, they now have a central control point for all printers. Via the network, you control multiple and different printers. This saves a lot of time and minimises the number of incorrect operations. Another additional advantage is the possibility of linking the web application to other software. This can ultimately mean that a simple link to the prodcuct traceability tool can provide automatic control of the label printers.