On Fun Friday we always do extra fun things at SevenLab. Last time Bas showed what the Google Vision Kit looks like. Arjan explained how the kit's camera tries to recognise the VrijMiBo. This week we talk about AR, solving errors and a game of table football.

Augmented Reality

Koen explains what you can do with AR (Augmented Reality). By adding extra layers to reality, you can, for example, select shoes without actually having to put them on. You simply hold your phone in front of your foot and the extra layer pulls the shoe on for you, as it were. Sounds simple, but developing AR is not that easy.

Augmented Reality with Koen

Errors in the pipeline

Niels, one of our full stack developers, is in hyper focus and working on Pipeline. This is a new project management system, which we hope to start using soon. However, there are several errors that he still needs to fix, but he is not afraid to do so. Resolving errors is #fun.

Niels works on a project management system: Pipeline

A goal is in the air

Screens make you square-eyed, which is why SevenLab sometimes includes a game of table football. Thomas, Theo, Arjan and Joey are involved in a blood-curdling match. We come in with a 1-1 score.

Want to see more of our working environment? Watch a new episode of Fun Friday at SevenLab next time, or check out the previous episode. You can also find us at Insta. Have a nice weekend!