Discover the cost of your software project with our price calculator tool

We are often asked how much software development costs. Of course, it's nice to know where you stand before starting a new project. To get you started, we are introducing our new price calculator. It allows you to easily make a rough estimate of the costs for your next software project.


price calculator
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    Quick insight

    With our price calculator, you can easily and quickly get a first indication of the expected costs and gain insight into the different aspects you need to consider. Whether you want to develop a web application, mobile app or API, our tool will give you an idea of the investment required within two minutes.

    Clear cost picture

    Using the price calculator is simple. You enter some basic data, such as the type of project, the desired functionalities and the desired platform. The tool then generates an overall cost estimate based on our extensive experience in software development. This gives you a solid starting point to determine your budget and evaluate the feasibility of your project.

    Detailed advice

    But it doesn't stop there. After you fill in your requirements, our meticulous IT team gets to work. They review your concept to provide a detailed estimate, including a technical explanation. That way, you can determine an even more precise schedule and scope, based on the specific details of your project.

    Our IT experts are then always ready to advise you further, for example on which technologies are best to use. After all, our goal is to make your project a success. Feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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