Digital opportunities in the energy transition

We are in the midst of an energy transition. The world has the task of moving from fossil fuels to new renewable sources. The energy sector is taking the lead in this, pioneering wind and solar power generation for a C02-poor supply. Renewable technologies are developing at a rapid pace, but integration and implementation remain slow. The solution to this lies with an effective IT strategy.

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    New phase

    The current phase of the energy transition has new challenges. How do we ensure that renewable power sources are scalable? How do we provide a system to distribute power efficiently? How do we keep it affordable? These new challenges require a holistic forward-looking approach in which IT plays a significant role.

    The opportunities of IT

    The energy transition will lead us to an intelligent grid in which energy sources, storage and users are interconnected. Energy will be generated and stored in a decentralised way and then distributed intelligently. This will involve more participation by the customer and therefore calls for a transparent and democratic approach. The energy supplier will increasingly take on a facilitating role. 

    In order to properly fulfil this facilitating role, it is important to set up a reliable digital ecosystem. An ecosystem with an effective data structure and an omni-channel customer experience that meets the new needs of consumers.

    Step by step

    Our vision is that in the future, every company will have to operate as an IT organisation. IT will thereby form the core of the operation rather than a supporting tool to processes. To arrive at such an ecosystem, a solid strategy is required that enables further digitalisation step by step. Each step in digitalisation thereby forms a building block of the bigger picture.