Because app development As app development is a rather broad field of application, we will give you some examples of situations in which app development comes in handy. You can read this article in about 3 minutes.

Everyone online

An easily accessible employee ensures an efficient workflow. There are many apps available that make employees mobile. Cabman Mobile, for example, is an app that supports taxi drivers in carrying out tasks such as planning journeys. The app also collects all kinds of data, such as on the driving style of the driver. This can improve the customer experience in the future.

For KLM we developed an app ourselves that allows 35,000 employees to receive updates without the app becoming overloaded. We used Docker for this. In our KLM case read more about it.

So you can have tailor-made software made to connect your employees with each other. There is also existing software such as SlackThis is an app that allows you to easily exchange files or messages between different stakeholders within an organisation. However, the subscription costs for such an app can increase significantly as your business grows. Custom software is therefore definitely worth considering.

Offline applications

With the advent of mobile internet without borders within the EU, it has become a little easier to be online everywhere. However, there are still times when you want to use an app, but you don't have internet. Good app development ensures that functions of the app will also be available offline.

Google Maps, Netflix & Spotify

Google offers the functionality to put maps offline in its Maps app. This allows you to continue navigating even if you lose an internet connection. Spotify also makes use of downloading data and putting it offline. In this case, it is music and playlists. This is handy when you get on a plane and temporarily have no internet connection available. The same goes for Netflix. If you want to watch films or series without an internet connection, just download them in advance.

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Instore applications

A growing market within app development is that of in-store applications. Instore applications offer companies the possibility to bind customers with personal offers. For example, offers that are personalised and only work in a specific shop. Customers can also easily compare prices, find products and read reviews of products they might want to buy.

For example, IKEA's app allows customers to check live stock levels at a particular store. It also shows the shelf where the product can be found. IKEA also offers customers Wifi, so they can always use the app in the shop.

In addition to the in-store application of apps, a push message function can be added to the app. For example, you could inform customers of special offers by sending them a push message. Such a push message results in more traffic to the shop and therefore more sales.

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