What does a Full Stack Developer do within a software project?

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    Arjan Kempes gives us a behind-the-scenes look at SevenLab. He tells us what exactly a Full Stack Developer does within a software project. And what is the difference between a Frontend and a Backend Developer then?

    A Full Stack Developer, what does it do?

    Arjan: "A Full Stack Developer is not only concerned with the frontend, what the customer sees, but also with what happens behind the scenes at the back end of the website, the backend. So there are also two types of Developers, the Frontend Developer and the Backend Developer. As a third umbrella, you then have the Full Stack Developer."

    Full Stack Developer Arjan at work

    So what exactly does a Developer do?

    "A developer converts the design or wireframes we are given into a web application or app. He takes into account that parts that are created can be reused, so styling can be carried through consistently throughout the app. It is not just graphics that are created, but also everything that happens behind the scenes. So when a user clicks a button, that something actually happens. So that a navigation takes place or something is saved."

    And a Lead Developer?

    "As Lead Developer, I keep an overview of the project. I make sure everyone picks up their tasks and performs them correctly, that the right steps are taken. I monitor the hours and make sure we don't exceed the budget. I also make sure the customer is informed about the status of the project."