Tips for better software adoption

The success of IT is perhaps most dependent on software adoption. No matter how effectively an application is designed, if it is not used, it will never achieve the desired results. Digital change therefore always goes hand in hand with a good adoption plan. Here are a few tips.

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    Create an adoption team

    Change is often accompanied by resistance. Especially when it comes to digitalisation. Many employees are afraid of losing their jobs because of automation. Therefore, it is wise to assemble a dedicated team to gauge sentiment within the company and conduct internal PR for new digital assets. 

    Involve users in the plans

    The most effective way to open up users to new software is to involve them in the process. Inform the whole company of new plans and their objectives. Transparency builds trust and understanding. In addition, it pays to ask for input and ideas early on. 

    UX/UI Design

    The User Experience journey has the most impact on software adoption. An experienced UX researcher can use various research methods to identify end-user wants and needs. A UI Designer can then translate these insights into intuitive and user-specific designs. A fine user experience is essential if the software is to become part of your new way of working. 

    Training and coaching

    New tools require new skills. The biggest mistake for software adoption is assuming the user has these skills. It is therefore advisable before going live with new software to train users on how to use it and provide guidance for the first few weeks. It also helps to show a how-to-use roadmap in the software when first using it. 

    Share results and celebrate success

    Change requires extra effort from the employee. It is therefore nice to know whether this effort pays off. Therefore, share achieved results. How much time or money did the organisation save because of the new app? Have the objectives been achieved? If so, celebrate these successes with everyone involved.