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    An 3D product configurator is an interactive tool that allows potential customers to experience a product and view it from different angles. Also, products with a configurator are often fully customisable. As a result, customers are more likely to purchase a product and fewer products are returned. We will explain the principle of the configurator in more detail in this article.

    As mentioned, product configurators help customers make better and faster choices. In this approach, interaction with the customer comes first. Instead of offering a specific style or design, you let the customer put together his or her ideal product. You can also choose to add Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality functionalities to the configurator.

    A good example of such a configurator is the one for Nike shoes. The customer can choose from different models, of which different parts can then be customised.

    Nike configurator
    Nike shoe configurator

    A clear advantage of 3D configurators is that they increase the quality of leads increase. A configurator can also show how a product works and explain certain product characteristics.

    No more unsold stock

    Simple 3D configurators enable companies to provide customised products for customers, eliminating the production of goods that are not sold. This also reduces the need to take into account trends that offer no guarantee of success.

    The number of returned products will also decrease with the implementation of a configurator. If customers can actually see what they are buying, the chances of them being dissatisfied with a product are also lower. Filled shopping trolleys are therefore less likely to be abandoned.

    Utilising valuable data

    In addition to the advantages in terms of direct sales, a good configurator also provides a lot of valuable data on. You can see how much time people spend customising a product. It could happen that someone makes several designs for a shoe and spends half an hour doing so. Based on that, you could then automatic a offer for two pairs of shoes.

    In short, there are many digital opportunities to exploit with a product configurator. Are you ready to grow your business? Then get in touch with Koen.