How safe are web applications?

The large-scale Twitter hack shows that even the biggest players on the Internet cannot guarantee security. Now that more and more companies are using web applications, eCrime is on the rise. Due to hasty digitalisation, many web applications lack security, with disastrous consequences. From a report about web security from 2019 shows that online security is still pretty bad. Here are some remarkable statistics.

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    In 9 out of 10 web applications users can be hacked

    Make a list of all the web applications you use. 9 out of 10 of these applications allow hackers to attack users. An attack could include redirecting the user to the hacker's platform, phishing and infecting personal computers with malware.

    Half of all web applications have high risk vulnerabilities

    High risk vulnerabilities are those that are most likely to be attacked by a hacker. These are the vulnerabilities that most hackers try to get into, because methods for doing so are easy and quick to apply or because many companies have not secured these spots properly. And these statistics prove it.

    16% per cent may lose full control

    It is a worst nightmare scenario: The platform is hacked and the hackers have taken complete control. They can do anything they want with it and have access to all the data. Yet this scenario is one of the security risks for 16% of all web applications. For the optimists among us, this means that 84% of web applications are not affected. Nevertheless, the consequences are too great to leave to this probability calculation.

    Software developers obviously do their best to set up the applications as securely as possible. Nevertheless, coding remains human work and security is a complex expertise, so it is wise to check the security more often. You can do this, for instance by being hacked by someone with good intentions; an ethical hacker. The latter draws up a report with possible vulnerabilities that the developers can use to make the code as secure as possible.

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