Get more out of Business Central with a Product Database

By means of a Product Database, it is possible to link Business Central to your entire digital environment and to supplement it with far-reaching information.

Product Database
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    Business Central is an excellent ERP tool for complex inventory management. If you use this ERP system for specific unique products, you will probably run into limitations in terms of information supply. Additional information often needs to be added manually on webshops or customer portals. With a large supply, this is quite labour-intensive and time-consuming!

    This is easily solved by developing Product Information Management Software (PIMS) which provides Business Central with additional information. This product database automatically links the information to the stock in Business Central and communicates it to all digital tools and web pages. This keeps everything up-to-date and centrally manageable.

    The set-up

    A product database is a central point for all product data. This can include everything. Think for example of a detailed description of the product, images or accompanying documents. This database forms the bridge between the stock in Business Central and the supply on webshops and order sites. Visually, it looks like this:

    The technology

    The strength of a successful product database is that it is set up on the basis of an Application Program Interface (API). This means that it not only stores information, but also converts and communicates it to other platforms. It therefore forms a central connection between all platforms that enables the exchange of data throughout the entire ecosystem. In this item you will find more information about the application of an API.

    The benefits

    • Less work and fewer errors. 

      By recording all information centrally and in a structured way in the Product Database, you can save a lot of time and avoid mistakes. When adding new products, all information is automatically processed on all platforms. This not only saves a lot of work for webshop managers and marketing staff, but also ensures that there will be fewer errors. No more incorrect or missing information on products in the digital shops.

    • Quickly generate promotions 

      With all the information available, it is possible, for example, to generate a specific promotion at the push of a button. By automatically retrieving all product data from the product database based on availability, price and popularity from Business Central, you can generate a personalised brochure or promotional mail in no time. Something that would often take a marketing person several hours to do.

    • Synchronous data 

      By linking other software such as a company app, webshop or customer systems to the product database, all data runs synchronously. Everything only has to be created and stored once. This means that business processes will run a lot smoother and many tasks can be automated. In addition, this source of data offers a perfect starting point for the development of new digital tools.

    A product database is an essential piece of software for companies who want to get more out of Business Central. By automatically linking information between the stock in Business Central and platforms such as web shops and order sites, you can save an enormous amount of time and avoid mistakes. All data synchronised and immediately available; that offers many new possibilities and opportunities. Curious about what a database can do for your organisation? Make an appointment for a free consultation. Our IT experts will help you immediately.