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What is Augmented Reality? - A Guide from SevenLab

Find out what augmented reality (AR) is and how it can transform your business. Learn how SevenLab tailors AR solutions to your specific needs.

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    What is augmented reality?

    Augmented Reality is a technology that adds digital information and virtual objects to our physical world. It can be experienced through devices such as smartphones, tablets and AR glasses. It enriches our perception of reality by adding interactive digital elements.


    How does augmented reality work?

    AR works by superimposing digital images and information onto the real world. This is usually done through a device's camera. The technology can also use sensors and algorithms to determine the device's position and orientation in space.

    The benefits of Augmented Reality for your business

    AR can benefit your business in many ways. It can help improve customer service, train employees, improve product designs and much more. With SevenLab, you can tailor AR solutions to perfectly suit your business needs.

    Are you ready for the future of AR?

    At SevenLab, we help businesses harness the power of AR. Whether you need a customised AR app or want help integrating AR into your existing systems, we are here to help. Contact us today to discover how AR can transform your business.

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