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What does a Software Developer at SevenLab do?

Discover the role and responsibilities of a software developer at SevenLab. We reveal how our developers create unique software solutions using our mid-code development approach.

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    The Role of a Software Developer

    A software developer at SevenLab is a technical virtuoso. They design, program, test and enhance software applications. They work closely with customers to develop custom-made software that meets their specific business needs.

    Mid-Code Development Approach

    Our developers use a unique mid-code development approach. This means they use existing code fragments to build new software. This approach speeds up the development process and ensures reliable, high-quality software.

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    Cooperation with customers

    At SevenLab, we believe in working closely with our customers. Our software developers work side by side with customers to understand their needs and create software solutions that improve their business processes.

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    "Developers think along from (end) customer interests and, in doing so, make a product that is even nicer,better and more efficient than I envisaged as a customer."

    Helga Boessenkool

    Quality Consultant Eurocross Assistance