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Mid-code Development

Mid-code development is a new way of software development. By combining standard modules with effective customisation, we ensure that we build software that really adds value.

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    Efficient through standard modules

    A lot of time is lost in software development on developing standard features. That is a huge waste. We therefore have all standard functionalities already ready to go. So in 20% of the development process, you have already completed 80% of the app.

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    Effective through customisation

    Many standard software solutions often miss the mark. After all, they don't offer any room to tailor it to an organisation's process and customer. While that is where the added value lies. That is why we devote 80% of the development process to customisation. To develop an effective tool with the perfect fit.

    Mid-code for customer-oriented software

    We specialise in developing customer-centric software. For customer-centric tool, we focus our modules on personalisation, autonomy, reliability and availability. We also build customised solutions that reinforce the key touchpoints between customer and organisation.

    The three steps of mid-code

    • UX trends


      We start by merging the appropriate standard modules in the configure phase. Thus, in no time we have 80% of the tool already functionally ready. In this phase, our developers lay the foundation of the software and seamlessly link all modules together. In this phase, our designers work out the User flow and incorporate the desired house style.

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    • Customise

      In the customise phase, it is time for customisation. Working with our client, the design team will research, design and test the specific nature of the application with all stakeholders involved. The development team will then develop the customisation. This means custom functionalities and unique links. With the additional customisation, we realise maximum added value.

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    • Accelerate

      The launch of the software accelerates the future. Our end products are structured in such a way that improving and extending the software is increasingly easy. We set up a secure and scalable IT architecture and provide ongoing support for modifications and incidents.

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    • UX trends

    "The N@pp has become very user-friendly! With increasing use, we are discovering more and more possibilities"

    Lisanne Kerstens

    Strategic relationship manager HHNK

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