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What is a customer portal?

A customer portal is a digital environment specifically designed to improve communication and collaboration between a company and its customers. It enables companies to offer a seamless and personalised experience to their customers, while allowing them to access a wide range of information and features themselves.

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    Functionality of customer portal

    With a customer portal, customers can, for example, track their orders, view invoices, submit support tickets and receive updates on new products or services. It is a convenient way to centralise and manage all communications between companies and customers in one place.


    Improved customer satisfaction

    Customers always have access to their own data and can solve problems without having to contact customer service directly.

    Better efficiency

    Companies can streamline processes by enabling customers to perform common tasks without employee intervention.

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    Increased customer loyalty

    By providing a seamless experience and giving customers more control over their interactions with your company, businesses can increase customer loyalty.

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    At SevenLab, we are experienced in developing customised customer portals for companies in various industries. Contact us to find out how we can help your company implement a customer portal that meets all your needs.

    "SevenLab is a reliable party with great customer focus. They actively think with you, are enormously helpful and flexible."

    Satish Bahwanidin - Project leader VO-raad