Why we work with the Kaizen Agreement

The Kaizen Agreement is a guarantee of continuous care of your software and organisation. Nowadays, many companies are embracing this philosophy. At SevenLab, we believe that your software cannot be left behind if your company is developing. Regularly spar with an IT accelerator from SevenLab about the current state of affairs. This gives you insight into where the application can possibly be improved and then that is done. Read on to see what Kaizen can do for your company.

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    What does Kaizen mean?

    Originally, the word can be translated to mean "making bad things better", or "changing for the better". In practice, this amounts to continuous small changes. Kaizen is thus a process of constant improvement. This increases productivity because the system is always up-to-date.

     Working with Kaizen

    As mentioned before, you will regularly spar with one of SevenLab's IT accelerators. The current state of affairs and the degree to which you are satisfied with the application will be discussed. During these sparring sessions, the business analyst will gather insights about your organization and how the application is working. Once you are working with the application, there is often room for process optimisation. In this way, the software grows along with your company, and vice versa. Sometimes small improvements can have a big impact, both in terms of productivity and security of your services.

    Benefits of the Kaizen Agreement

    1. More involvement: Small continuous changes create more commitment. Listen carefully to your employees. After all, they work with the application and can tell you where improvements are needed;
    2. More motivation: Because your employees are more involved, they will also be more motivated. The moment they see the improvements implemented in the application, it gives them a sense of sovereignty. This encourages them to work harder;
    3. Better acceptance of new ideas: It can sometimes be difficult to implement a new idea. Your staff are used to working in a certain way. If implementing improvements becomes the new standard, you break through the status quo. Simply because your team is now used to being on edge and associates change with positivity.

     Why we work with Kaizen

    At SevenLab, we believe in growing your business. You can only guarantee that with software that is up-to-date. Working through Kaizen fits perfectly with our philosophy. At SevenLab, we work with Scrum. Scrum stands for working in multidisciplinary teams in short sprints towards a certain goal. It is a very flexible way of working with many feedback moments. So you always have clarity about progress. A sprint normally lasts one to four weeks. Kaizen is in fact a longer feedback loop. You can decide how often you get in touch with the business analyst. This can also be done simply by phone or chat. In this way, SevenLab guarantees a tailor-made application.