What is mid-code development?

Meet our new working method: mid-code development. This development methodology combines the advantages of standard modules with customisation. Thus, available time and budget are spent efficiently to create maximum added value.

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    To better understand mid-code development, it is first important to look at the other options: Low code and Customisation. Two completely opposite approaches that both offer many advantages in different situations, but also both have other drawbacks and challenges.

    Low-code development

    Low-code development is a process in which a limited amount of code is used to create a software application. This method has become increasingly popular in recent years because it speeds up application development and requires less specialised knowledge of coding. Often in a convenient drag-and-drop interface, software can quickly be set up on your own. The strength lies in the proven quality of standard modules. However, there are some drawbacks to using low-code development, such as the lack of flexibility and customisability. This can be hugely limiting for many organisations. Often, low-code platforms lack just the essential functionalities needed for the unique nature of the organisation and often lack the appropriate capabilities for linkages with required systems.

    Custom software

    Bespoke software development is a process whereby a specific software solution is designed and created to suit the and organisation entirely. This can be a hugely beneficial approach for companies that have unique or specific needs that cannot be met with off-the-shelf software. Custom software can also be tailored to a company's individual workflows, making it more efficient and effective. This allows you to really make a difference and add value. However, custom software development can also be expensive and time-consuming. This is because everything from scratch is set up. As a result, you spend precious time re-developing basic functionalities such as authentication, for example.

    Mid-code Development

    As a custom software developer, we believe that custom software is often essential to create maximum added value. In addition, we also see huge gains to be made by applying standard modules. We are therefore introducing a new way of working: Mid-code Development. Mid-code is a method that combines the advantages of low-code and custom software development. A modular approach makes it possible to quickly compile several standard modules. This makes space and resources available for truly differentiating customisation. This allows our team of experienced developers to focus even more on the unique needs of the organisation and customers. In this way, we efficiently realise effective software that integrates perfectly into your organisation.

    The benefits:

    Thanks to the use of modules and customisation, mid-code development makes it possible to quickly create highly effective apps that fit perfectly into the structure of our clients' organisations. A few benefits associated with mid-code development are listed below:

    • Fast time-to-market - With mid-code development, you can quickly create effective software that meets your specific needs. This means you have the software live faster than with traditional methods.
    • Increased flexibility - Mid-code development allows you to quickly adapt to changes in your business or customer requirements. This flexibility ensures that your software stays up-to-date and meets the needs of your organisation.
    • Improved quality - Using a modular approach in mid-code development leads to higher quality of the final product. This is because each component has already been tested before it is assembled into the final product. After that, all modules are continuously improved, making the software move with the times.
    • Better connectivity - Software can connect with other software through an API. These are not always available and need to be customised. With mid-code development, you can assume that all software can be linked together.
    • Room for customisation - By using proven modules, there is more room for real customisation. In this way, we only use our team of developers to create added value. They adapt the software to your specific requirements. This enables us to create software that fits perfectly into your company structure and meets your customers' needs.

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