What is frontend development?

Frontend development is the development of the visible part of a website or app. The phrase "frontend" implies it all: it is essentially about the front end. This front end allows the back end (backend) to be visualised and utilised.

frontend development
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    Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Frontend development.

    What is HTML?

    HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the code language used for formatting the a digital page.

    What is CSS?

    Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS is the code language used in frontend development to add styling to HTML code.

    What is Javascript?

    Javascript is the code language used to enable interaction between the user and the code. 

    What is Cache?

    Cache is a temporary store of data needed to run software and working memory.

    What is styling?

    Frontend styling includes everything to do with the visual interpretation of the software such as colours, fonts, shapes, buttons, forms.

    What is a framework?

    An framework is a platform that provides a framework for software developers to structure code. We use VueJS as front end.

    What is a plugin?

    A plugin is a software module or piece of code that you can add to a codebase for specific functions.

    What is a package?

    A package is eand bundle of prescribed software that enables a specific functionality.