Use the Halo effect for high customer satisfaction

The Halo effect is a powerful tool for improving customer satisfaction. This psychological phenomenon occurs when positive impressions of one aspect of a product or service influence perceptions of other aspects. And the good news is that you can make handy use of this in customer software.

halo effect
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    What is it?

    Briefly, this psychological phenomenon boils down to the fact that a built-up association customers have with your service or product creates a bias towards subsequent experiences. The built-up association creates a 'Halo' around your product or service, which comes to lie as an emotional blanket over all other experiences. As you understand, this association can be either positive or negative. So, in the context of customer satisfaction, it is vital that you ensure that at least one aspect of your service or product stands out in an exceptionally positive way, so that customers build a positive association with your product or service.

    Halo effect in customer experience software

    In an increasingly digital society, the software you deploy has a crucial impact on the customer experience. The Halo effect also plays a role here: do you know how to create a happy flow at the first contact? Then customers are more likely to forgive you a longer wait afterwards. Do you know how to trigger customers positively during emotionally negative actions (e.g. paying)? Then this will be perceived as less annoying. And the good news is that you can completely control how you set up your CX software!

    How do I ensure a positive Halo effect in my software?

    When creating positive Halo effects in your customer experience, it is important, before programming, to thoroughly research the characteristics of users. What age are they, what preferences do they have and which devices do they prefer to use? By understanding the CX flow, you can deliberately build in positive Halo effects so that CX bottlenecks, such as waiting times, are perceived as less negative.

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