Work efficiently with smart software

The staff shortage in the hospitality and tourism industries is growing steadily. Owners are therefore increasingly looking for other solutions. With smart software, such as glasses that notify you on your smartwatch when they are empty, you make sure your staff stay alert. Various tasks, such as ordering products, can be taken over by a software application. Get an edge over your competitors by using software. Read how in this blog.

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    Artificial Intelligence in the hospitality industry

    Through Artificial Intelligence (AI), machines exhibit human and intelligent behaviour. This includes for example, reasoning (if A then B) or problem solving. Intelligent functions of humans are accomplished by a computer with AI. For example, Google previously made an application in which Google can make a phone call for you. A computer then makes an appointment at the hairdresser's, for example. What is so revolutionary about this is that you cannot distinguish whether the appointment is made by a human or computer. The computer puts voice, intonations and 'thought words' (hmm, aha, etc.) at the right moment, making it seem as if you are speaking to a real person.

    Smart reservation system

    In the hospitality industry, a smart reservation system offers many opportunities. Often guests call a restaurant to ask if a table is still available. Often there is no time to answer the phone to answer the phone. It is unfortunate if the phone is not answered. Of course, guests in the restaurant go before guests on the phone, but you do run the risk of people deciding not to come at all. A smart reservation system is a good solution for this. It then picks up the phone and accurately determines whether there is space by calculating the staff manpower and the number of free tables. This is now often done off off the cuff. This allows the staff to give their full attention to the guests in the restaurant, the reservation system organises the agenda and helps the guests on the phone.

    Precise ordering

    Ordering products is often done at random. Sometimes it happens that you have too much of a product and other times too little. An application connected to the internet and the fridge is the solution here. The 'Internet of Things' refers to devices that are in contact with the internet. The fridge then keeps track of its stock via the application. If a frequently used product is running low, it can automatically reorder it. Conversely, the same applies; a product that is not used often will not be ordered.

    The refrigerator application allows close monitoring of stock and accurate ordering. This can be cost-saving in the long run. Because there are no unnecessary things in the fridge, you have more space for other products. A true win-win situation. Ordering products is often done at a guess. In cafés, smart glasses can be a smart solution. The glass then sends a message to the smartwatch of the waiter or bar when it is empty. This works conveniently and effectively for the server.

    Online queue

    It regularly happens that a restaurant or café is already full by the time guests want to take a seat. These guests have not made a reservation, but would still like to eat at that restaurant or have a drink at that café. Using smart software, you place these guests in a digital queue. This way, both the restaurant and the guest keep track of the number of people in the restaurant and who might still be coming. If a table becomes free, the server indicates this in the application and the guests who are first in the queue receive a notification on their phone. If they have found a seat elsewhere found a seat elsewhere, they decline the invitation. If they would still like to take a seat in the restaurant, they accept the invitation with a simple click.

    Smart software can be used in numerous other ways in the hospitality sector. At SevenLab, you'll sit down with a business analyst to see what kind of application can be deployed at your hospitality venue. By working efficiently, you get the most out of your business. Curious about what SevenLab can do for you? Then take contact with us.