The challenges of artificial intelligence in a customer portal

In the digital world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and customer portals are increasingly important tools for companies striving to improve customer experience. AI provides valuable insights, personalises communication and automates processes. But there are also challenges when implementing AI in a customer portal. This article discusses the main challenges and how organisations can overcome them.

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    Data quality and accessibility

    One of the biggest challenges of implementing AI in a customer portal is collecting and managing high-quality data. To make accurate predictions and recommendations, AI algorithms require large amounts of qualitative data.

    Organisations must ensure that they collect structured, organised and relevant data, and that the required tools and processes are in place to make this data accessible to AI systems.

    Ethics and privacy

    AI-based customer portals have access to a wealth of customer data, posing ethical and privacy challenges. It is essential that organisations handle this data carefully and comply with relevant laws and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Transparency and obtaining explicit consent from customers are crucial to build trust and ensure ethical implementation of AI.

    Complexity of AI models

    AI models can be complex and require expertise to be adequately developed, implemented, or maintained. Recruiting and retaining AI talent can be challenging, given the high demand for qualified professionals in this field.

    Organisations should invest in building experience with in-house AI expertise or collaboration with specialised external AI partners to ensure the effective development and integration of AI models into the customer portal.

    Change of corporate culture

    Successfully implementing AI in a sustainable customer portal often requires a change in corporate culture. This includes openness to innovation, flexibility and willingness to embrace new processes.

    Creating a culture that emphasises continuous development and experimentation is paramount. Within such an environment, employees are motivated to discover and exploit new AI solutions that improve the customer experience.

    Integrating AI into a customer portal with forward-looking capabilities offers significant benefits, but also presents several complexities. Proper investment in data quality, ethical practices, AI expertise and a change in corporate culture is needed to overcome these complexities and take full advantage of AI's capabilities. With a carefully planned AI implementation, automated processes, valuable insights and improved personalisation criteria can be applied and take the customer experience to the next level, helping companies stand out in the competitive market.

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