How to monitor the quality of software

Quality is an important factor for the usability, durability and security of the software. In this article we explain how we ensure that the software is of high quality.

software quality
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    There are several reasons why code quality is important. Of course, the main reason is usability. If the quality is poor, the software may be slow or difficult to use. This leads to frustration among users. Poor quality software increases the chances of bugs and crashes. In addition, poorly written code can be more vulnerable to security risks. Software with a lot of Vulnerabilities are easy to hack. This is certainly an important aspect for organisations that work with a lot of sensitive data. Finally, low quality software is often more difficult. By ensuring that the software is of high quality, we can minimise these potential problems and provide our users with a better experience.


    There are several ways in which we ensure high quality software. One of the most important is our code review process. In this process, every change to the code is reviewed by another developer before it is applied to the software. This helps to identify any problems with the code in time.

    Testing tools

    In addition, we use automated test programs, such as SonarQube and Bugsnag. SonarQube constantly scans the codebase to find and fix code bugs. This keeps the code clean and secure. BugSnag performs scans to detect errors and bugs. This way, we can ensure that the software is stable and free of errors.

    Unit testing

    The main application for software quality is the writing of unit tests. Unit tests are, as it were, prescribed commands of functions that the software must be able to fulfil. We write these ourselves and carry them out with each code update. This is how we ensure that the software works as intended. At SevenLab, we aim for a test coverage of at least 95%.

    Physical testing

    Of course, in practice, certain complications may arise during use. In order to remedy these before going live, we test the software with all stakeholders. Everyone performs the desired tasks to see if everything works as it should. Only when all stakeholders have given their approval, is the software ready to go live.

    Code reviews, test tools, unit testing and physical tests are all important aspects of ensuring high quality software. By using these methods, we can detect any problems with the code before it is implemented in the software. This helps ensure that the software is easy to use and free from errors and bugs. In this way, we guarantee high-quality software that provides maximum value to the organisation.