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Full Product traceability in The Green Trace app

Customer Green Specialties
Date November 2019
Product Software

Green Trace App

The Green Trace App is the product traceability platform for Green Specialties that provides insight into everything from cultivation to transport. This makes the journey of all products transparent and processes faster.

Insight into the entire cultivation process

The path taken by leafy vegetables is quite a complex one with many operations and disciplines involved. During the Discovery phase, this entire route was worked out in detail. Here, we looked at which steps are taken, which stakeholders are involved and what the wishes and needs are. We then went on to select which functionalities were needed in the platform.


Designed for different users

Extensive UX research showed that within the process, there were also many exceptions. Green Specialties' large-scale operation consists of multiple processes and different crops, locations and stakeholders. This means that within the software, multiple scenarios are needed to fully implement it. The different steps and exceptions made it a complex challenge for our designer. The result is a flexible design that offers different views and ways of working for users with different needs.



Workable on any device

The Green Trace application is a Progressive Web App, so it is available on any commonly used device. The software is founded on a Laravel backend, and using Ionic, the application works on multiple platforms. A key functionality used throughout the software is the QR code. This allows any user with a camera to quickly submit and retrieve information about a product.



  • Through the extensive preliminary process and UX research, Green Specialties gained a lot of insight about the organisation.
  • The Green Trace Platform speeds up processes and makes operations transparent.
  • The platform offers opportunities for further development. Version two will focus on stock processing and delivery



Number of sowings 580+
Number of QR scans 1000+

"SevenLab is quickly available to help and proactively thinks through solutions"

Kayleigh van den Eijnden - Product Manager, Green Specialties