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Customer management and communication in a clear platform

Customer CAV Agrotheek
Date December 2021
Product CRM Platform

Cav Agrotheek CRM

More structure and overview in customer management. That's what CAV Agrotheek was looking for. The solution we developed is a central database for all customer data and contact details. A CRM system that has been extended with features for advice and cultivation plans of relations and is fully linked to Exact and Sharpspring. The result is greater insight into communication between Agrotheek's advisers and the customer.

Structure in complex customer data 

Over several sessions, we detailed the CRM process and created a functional design. Our UX/UI Design team's main challenge was to classify complex features, such as creating crop plans and writing out advice, in a user-friendly way. In addition, our designers created a design where the large amount of customer data is displayed to the user in a structured and intuitive way.

Optimal process through integrations

The designs for the CRM system were developed into working software in a Laravel backend and a VueJS frontend over a period of two sprints. The development team then focused on linking the CRM system to the Exact and Sharpspring environments. The central API with multiple endpoints ensures optimal process automation, as the environments are not tied to each other but always switch via the CRM built by SevenLab. 


"The N@pp has become very user-friendly! With increasing use, we are discovering more and more possibilities"

Lisanne Kerstens

Strategic relationship manager HHNK