Optimise consumers' energy consumption with smart software

Pressure on sustainability and more aware customers gives the energy industry the challenge of reducing energy consumption. In addition to renewable energy sources There is also a lot of profit to be made in the consumption of the consumer. Read here how you can optimise the consumer's energy consumption through smart software.

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    Many gains can be made right at the start of the customer journey. By offering a personalised package, customers can keep energy consumption low, save costs and use distribution more efficiently. A handy tool that can help with this is an energy generator. An application where customers can enter their own energy preferences to conclude a tailor-made energy package. This gives the customer a personalised experience and the supplier valuable data from the consumer. This data can then be used to provide a more optimal service. 


    Few customers have insight into their consumption. The old-fashioned meter box and the annual measurements give an indication, but it is still very sketchy. Especially given the technological developments of recent years. With the advent of smart products, lamps and power sockets, it is possible to gain detailed real-time insight into energy consumption. By offering this insight in a clear dashboard, consumers can make better choices. 

    Smart control

    Once a personalised package is concluded and there is real-time insight into consumer usage, a huge source of valuable data emerges. This data is essential to automatically optimise consumption. Distribution can then be automatically tailored to consumption by software that relies on data analytics, A.I. models and Machine Learning. Ultimately, such a smart home is ready to be connected with other smart homes to a smart grid.