This is how you guarantee the quality of software

It is impossible to imagine society and the business world without software. The development of software remains human work and error-sensitive. An error in the software can have major consequences for the turnover or reputation of a company. It is therefore important that developers and everyone involved bears this responsibility and works carefully. Here are a number of useful steps to ensure quality and minimise errors.

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    The ISO 25010

    The ISO 25010 is a framework of criteria that software must fulfil and is considered a quality standard. The quality of software can therefore be assessed on the basis of the ISO 25010. The framework is divided into eight aspects.

    Source code

    At the back end of all software functionality is the source code. These are lines of text that tell what the software is supposed to do. So a quality code is essential for quality software. Few customers understand code and therefore have virtually no control over it. This responsibility lies entirely with the programmers. Fortunately, there are programmes available that support the developers and check the codes for language and writing errors. By scanning the source code, errors are identified early and the quality of the code is identified.

    System architecture

    Another important component that influences the quality of the software is the system architecture. System architecture means how all the necessary components are connected to each other. Think for example of a database or a server.