How does software development work?

A smooth process for the development of software can save you a lot of headaches. There are many roads that lead to Rome, but at SevenLab we work with the Scrum process. Why and what this means exactly, we will explain in this article.

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    Discovery Workshop

    Before the Scrum process begins, it is important that the customer and the software developer get to know each other better. During the Discovery Workshop, the goals, vision and process are translated into a software scope. In the process, the various functionalities are prioritised and aligned with the available budget. This workshop usually lasts two half-days.


    Once the Discovery Workshop has clarified the idea, the Scrum process for software development begins. Scrum is an effective and flexible way of working, allowing projects to be delivered in a productive manner. Within the Scrum team there are different roles, more on that later. First, we explain the development method using the Scrum methodology.

    The Scrum process consists of several Sprints. A Sprint usually lasts between two and four weeks. A Sprint starts with a planning and ends with a review and a retrospective. Here, the Sprint is evaluated and any necessary adjustments are made for the next Sprint. This process repeats itself a number of times, depending on the size of the project. Because the project is presented to the stakeholders after each Sprint, you can receive immediate feedback. This constant adjustment ensures the highest possible result.

    what is agile scrum methodology and how do I explain it?
    The Scrum process

    What roles are there?

    The Scrum Master takes an important role during the software development process, supporting the process and being there for the team. He or she can talk to both the development team and the Product Owner. The Scrum Master is more independent in the process than, for example, the IT Accelerator. The IT Accelerator supports the Product Owner in working out functionalities and making choices during the development of the software. The Product Owner represents the interests of the customer. He or she is thus the client or the customer himself. The Product Owner determines the order in which things are done and thus manages the so-called backlog. The team also consists of developers. These are responsible for translating the wishes of the customer into an application. This can be both graphical and functional. Think, for example, of a button that, when clicked, links to the right page.

    If this process runs smoothly, a working part of the software can be online within a week. This can convince all stakeholders of the importance of software development.

    Kaizen Agreement

    After delivering the software, we enter into the Kaizen Agreement at SevenLab. In this way, we guarantee the continuous improvement of the software and the organisation. Regular contact is maintained between the developers and the Product Owner.

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