Anywhere Operations: a better digital experience everywhere

The pandemic put enormous pressure on business. In a short time, work, products and services had to be available everywhere. Many companies have implemented short-term solutions to make the working environment and customer experience digitally available for the most part. Now it is time to look at how to meet this challenge in the long term. How do you design the digital environment in such a way that the experience is even better at any location and on any device?

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    What is Anywhere Operations

    Gartner introduces Anywhere Operations as one of the leading digital trends of 2021. By Anywhere Operations, they mean an operating IT model designed to support employees anywhere, serve customers anywhere and manage all digital services across the entire digital infrastructure. It goes beyond simply remote working or a virtual customer experience. Anywhere Operations is actively engaged in adding value and enhancing the experience. 

    Five different focus areas

    If everything is available digitally everywhere, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Think for example of working more efficiently, saving time/money, higher quality, job satisfaction and customer experience. To optimise this, Anywhere Operations focuses on the following areas:

    • Cooperation and productivity
      Most digital solutions offer a good substitute for social interaction in the office. Think for example of Microsoft Teams, Google Meets or Slack. Yet technology offers so many more options. Anywhere Operations explores how software can take collaboration and productivity to the next level. 
    • Safe and secure access
      As digital work becomes more and more the norm, more and more is available online. The increasing amount of sensitive data makes your company more attractive to hackers. That's why it's important that you continue to strive for a as safe an environment as possible. The tension here is between securing, without compromising accessibility.
    • Cloud and IT infrastructure
      The cloud and IT infrastructure is the foundation of the digital environment. If this is not optimally set up, it can have major consequences for the effectiveness of software. For example, the infrastructure must be set up for a growing number of users and easy must be scalable.
    • Quantifying the digital experience
      Working digitally also provides a lot of relevant data about user behaviour. By quantifying usage, it becomes clear where there are opportunities to optimise the platform. Smart software makes it possible to collect the right data to get a clear picture of performance.
    • Supporting automation
      One of the main advantages of working digitally is that repetitive tasks can be automated quite easily. This does not mean that employees will be completely replaced by RPA software. Most of the value is in the right cooperation between software and people. That is why it is important that automation has a supporting role to play in order to give employees room to function as well as possible.

    The next step

    What are the first steps to optimise the digital experience? First, it is important to gather as much information as possible. This can be done by digitising data, automate processes and carry out extensive research into the user experience. With a full picture of the functioning of the digital environment, the right optimisations can be applied.

    In addition, this approach requires an innovative mindset. The Anywhere Operations model operates on the principle of "digital and remote first". This means that digital working must be the default. Physical locations will not disappear, but they must be set up digitally. In this way, the organisation remains flexible and further digital expansion is possible.

    Do you want to set up your business to enable further digital growth and translate your business goals into the right IT solution? We think along comprehensively and immediately work out the best digital solution that provides an even better experience everywhere.