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    Many start-up companies start many processes in familiar software such as Excel or Google Spreadsheets, but run into problems when they start to grow. As more and more processes and systems are added, data processing becomes labour-intensive and cumbersome. Still, many companies cling to an old way of working because there is no alternative available that fits seamlessly into an often complex business structure. The solution for all Excel frustrations is, however, very easy to realise by customised software to be developed.

    Paper and .xls files are gone

    Let's face it. A file folder full of .xls files is the modern equivalent of a cupboard full of multi-folders; untidy and labour-intensive. Data processing can be many times more efficient with custom-made software that brings all the information, processes and systems together. Here are some examples:

      Fortunately, we have got rid of the address index for some time now. That clumsy carousel on your desk has now made way for an excel file on your computer or in the Google or Apple cloud. But what if you want to link this data with your orders or invoices? All in all, that can take hours of cutting and pasting. By having a simple software programme built, all this data can be processed automatically in all the necessary systems.
      Anyone dealing with staff knows that planning can be a challenging task. Often, all the planning takes place in one masterfile on a shared drive that everyone can view and edit. Registering hours worked, indicating availability and scheduling; everything is done in the same file.
      This way of working is very labour-intensive and error-prone. A lot of cutting and pasting often goes wrong and staff does not always have the most recent version of the roster. Tailor-made software offers a platform where everyone can easily enter availability and hours. The information is always up to date and transparent, and can be automatically processed into timetables, quotations and invoices.
      Does your employee go out into the field to do inspections? Then there must be a lot of data processing involved; from paper to Excel and from excel to the customer and everything by hand. This is no longer necessary with the right software that directly stores all information in a central database. This software can be fully customised for any industry and, with its smart integration with mobile devices, can be used anywhere and instantly completed with photos. No more retyping handwritten findings from an inspection or uploading forms and photos afterwards. Throw those forms in the waste paper!

    Make it easy

    SevenLab's goal is to make life easier with smart software, as these examples show well. Custom-made software can automate a lot of data processing in Excel and link the right information to all relevant systems. So you can also be completely @#$%&* of Excel? Make it easy! Contact without obligation Koen to see what the possibilities are. Of course, you can also call (020) 705 10 10.

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